Ben became a wine maker because of his love of viticulture and the wine making process. He is passionate about wine and absolutely loves the detail and the intricacy of the wine making process.  Particularly, he enjoys the expression of terroir in winemaking – the connection between the vineyard and the winemaker and the winemaking process. He wants to make wines that are a true representation of the vineyard and the season. He wants the wines to be a library of the vintages and to be able to look back on them and be able to taste the influence of the weather and the personality of the vineyard for that particular year. Ben makes wines that are ripe and as flavoursome as possible by letting the grapes speak for themselves and avoiding trying disrupt the perfection that each season offers. He is most inspired by winemakers who make wines in a traditional style and enjoys tasting wines from smaller wineries who make wines with more heart and soul. 

“As a winemaker, I have the best job in the world. I particularly like that I can take a natural product – a grape, and craft that grape into a wine that tastes like a more complex example of the grape. I’m constantly amazed at how that product – a finished wine – can then be preserved and enjoyed for decades. In short, I consider that being a wine maker is a privilege.” 
                                                               ——Ben Jeanneret